Little Envelope of Earth Conditions is chosen as Editor's Choice for the 2018  Alice James Books Award!

Boston Review's Top 25 Poems of 2016

2016 Poetry Contest Winner: Boston Review
chosen by Shane McCrae


Top 12 Young Poets From The USA You Should Read

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West Branch Wired

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Selection of Digital Poems:

"A Daughter Sends the Stenographer a Last Letter from the Moon" Black Warrior Review

"Landscape in which I am Obliterated by Light," "What Would Happen to Your Body in Space Without a Spacesuit,""Elegy as Yichud Room," "Microchimera as Lullaby," & "Polaroid Ode" Boston Review, 2016 Poetry Prize Winner

"Wisteria Strangles the Nearest Body," "Anaphylaxis as Apotheosis," & "The Town Knows It’s a Girl" Memorious

“Bridal Pyre” The Journal

"All By Myself I am a Huge Camellia" Meridian

“Law of Diminishing Returns” Anti-

“Posing for Francesca Woodman” & “Waldeinsamkeit” The Destroyer

Hospital Bed in Early December Woods” Georgetown Review

"Anterior of a Razed Room" Black Warrior Review

Portrayal, X-RayVerse Daily

“The Suburbium Sonnets: Still Life with Levitating House/Wife,” “[Misattribution 2]: Nostalgia is a HoneyTrap” and “Instructions for Dematerializing” Blackbird

“Either Swallow Fire or Iron Jaw,” “Portrayal, X-Ray,” “Descending to Level,” “Anterior of a Razed Room,” “X-Ray Portrayal” & “[Bias 1]: Singular Orphic Selves” From the Fishouse

Selection of Poems in Print:

"Plate I: Interior View of Gemini" Mid-American Review (James Wright Poetry Award, runner-up)

"In a Time of Ambulances" Indiana Review

"Ostentatious Still Life with Hospital & Body of," "Deer Season Incorporeal," "Omen Hymenoptera," "Such & Such Happens," and "Elegy as Duchamp's Bride Redressing" West Branch 77

"Dilorication Begins at the Silk of a Wrist" and "The Way We Sleep" Crazyhorse Number 86

"All By Myself I am a Huge Camellia" Meridian 33

“Bridal Pyre," [Went Weeping, Little Bones],” “Petrichor as Embalming Elegy,” and “Ballad of the Painted Sisters” The Journal, 37.5

“Ouija as Eschatology as Marriage” St. Petersburg Review

“Débridement” Best New Poets 2013 & Versal, Issue 11

“Like a House on Fire” Versal, Issue 11

“Hospital Bed in Early December Woods” Georgetown Review, Vol. 14 Issue 1

“Swallow as | AutoPortrait | as Silent Film” and “The Seasons Gallop Away with You” The Atlas Review, Issue 1

“Wildfire” collaboration with Dawn Lonsinger, Bone Bouquet

“Anterior of a Razed Room” Best New Poets 2011 & Black Warrior Review, Issue 37.2

“Wrestlers in Winter” Copper Nickel, Issue 17

“In the Forest, Between Glass,” “Freshet” & “Water/Line” Handsome, Black Ocean Press Vol. 4

“[Persistence]: The Word Turned Body” and “[Suggestibility]: Anesthesia Works with Your Own Shallow Breaths” Horse Less Review, # 10

“Anxieties of Feet: 52 Rroma Bones” Parthenon West, Issue 8

“Portrayal, X-Ray” & “X-Ray Pastoral” Colorado Review, Vol. 38 Number 2

“The Most Kissed Girl in the World” Barn Owl Review, Vol. 4

“The Suburbium Sonnets: Her Husband, Consuming Electricity” Denver Quarterly, Vol. 45 Number 1