Winner of the Levis Prize for Poetry: Guest Writers Series reading in January

Little Envelope of Earth Conditions is chosen as Editor's Choice for the 2018  Alice James Books Award!

Boston Review's Top 25 Poems of 2016

2016 Poetry Contest Winner: Boston Review
chosen by Shane McCrae


Top 12 Young Poets From The USA You Should Read

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West Branch Wired

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Selection of Digital Poems:

"A Daughter Sends the Stenographer a Last Letter from the Moon" Black Warrior Review

"Landscape in which I am Obliterated by Light," "What Would Happen to Your Body in Space Without a Spacesuit,""Elegy as Yichud Room," "Microchimera as Lullaby," & "Polaroid Ode" Boston Review, 2016 Poetry Prize Winner

"Wisteria Strangles the Nearest Body," "Anaphylaxis as Apotheosis," & "The Town Knows It’s a Girl" Memorious

“Bridal Pyre” The Journal

"All By Myself I am a Huge Camellia" Meridian

“Law of Diminishing Returns” Anti-

“Posing for Francesca Woodman” & “Waldeinsamkeit” The Destroyer

Hospital Bed in Early December Woods” Georgetown Review

"Anterior of a Razed Room" Black Warrior Review

Portrayal, X-RayVerse Daily

“The Suburbium Sonnets: Still Life with Levitating House/Wife,” “[Misattribution 2]: Nostalgia is a HoneyTrap” and “Instructions for Dematerializing” Blackbird

“Either Swallow Fire or Iron Jaw,” “Portrayal, X-Ray,” “Descending to Level,” “Anterior of a Razed Room,” “X-Ray Portrayal” & “[Bias 1]: Singular Orphic Selves” From the Fishouse

Selection of Poems in Print:

"Plate I: Interior View of Gemini" Mid-American Review (James Wright Poetry Award, runner-up)

"In a Time of Ambulances" Indiana Review

"Ostentatious Still Life with Hospital & Body of," "Deer Season Incorporeal," "Omen Hymenoptera," "Such & Such Happens," and "Elegy as Duchamp's Bride Redressing" West Branch 77

"Dilorication Begins at the Silk of a Wrist" and "The Way We Sleep" Crazyhorse Number 86

"All By Myself I am a Huge Camellia" Meridian 33

“Bridal Pyre," [Went Weeping, Little Bones],” “Petrichor as Embalming Elegy,” and “Ballad of the Painted Sisters” The Journal, 37.5

“Ouija as Eschatology as Marriage” St. Petersburg Review

“Débridement” Best New Poets 2013 & Versal, Issue 11

“Like a House on Fire” Versal, Issue 11

“Hospital Bed in Early December Woods” Georgetown Review, Vol. 14 Issue 1

“Swallow as | AutoPortrait | as Silent Film” and “The Seasons Gallop Away with You” The Atlas Review, Issue 1

“Wildfire” collaboration with Dawn Lonsinger, Bone Bouquet

“Anterior of a Razed Room” Best New Poets 2011 & Black Warrior Review, Issue 37.2

“Wrestlers in Winter” Copper Nickel, Issue 17

“In the Forest, Between Glass,” “Freshet” & “Water/Line” Handsome, Black Ocean Press Vol. 4

“[Persistence]: The Word Turned Body” and “[Suggestibility]: Anesthesia Works with Your Own Shallow Breaths” Horse Less Review, # 10

“Anxieties of Feet: 52 Rroma Bones” Parthenon West, Issue 8

“Portrayal, X-Ray” & “X-Ray Pastoral” Colorado Review, Vol. 38 Number 2

“The Most Kissed Girl in the World” Barn Owl Review, Vol. 4

“The Suburbium Sonnets: Her Husband, Consuming Electricity” Denver Quarterly, Vol. 45 Number 1